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 Episode 16, Part 3 of 96 Tears Golden Anniversary , talking with Frank Rodriguez ,original keyboardis for ? and the Mysterians , Richie Schultz,who also played bass for ? and the Mysterians. 
Dr. Jack Nash talks about when I went to jr. high school with him and Tim Brandow. about their memories when 96 Tears was hitting on Charts.
great discussions and inspiring comments also!

​​The Beach Comber Show    



             The Beach Comber Show,

A new 3d animation show with music videos, discussion about the current events and retro in the entertainment world. This episode is about a band called "The Fun Sons"
a band that recorded a single titled "Hang Ten" written by Terry Knight,1967. ? and the Mysterians listeners thought it was ? and the Mysterians, but it wasn't and I contacted the lead singer of the " Fun Sons" John Slaver and he helped me with this episode.

Thank you John !

Talk music USA

TypeEpisode III of The Beach Comber Show with Jimmy Hollywood, manager & producer our guest band
on this show ,The Cherry Slush, when Jimmy Hollywood was our publicist & manager for Question Mark and the Mysterians back in 1966 ,he managed and also is the producer for :The Cherry Slush from Saginaw,MichiganThey had a few hits also. The band will be on the show playing the song
that they recorded for USA Records called "Day Don't Come" went #1 in Michigan also had the makings for a /big Billboard hit. This is a favorite song I really enjoy!! Jimmy Hollywood / Internationally Syndicated Radio/Internet Personality will also be hosting his own segment on The Beach Comber about Entertainment news from all over the world. Thank you Jimmy Hollywood!
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Talk Music USA is animated talk show about conversations with musicians , music writers, DJs , about anything to do with music in a animation entertainment format with a educational and positive presentation.

​Talk Music USA is on Hiatus till May,2017

​The Beach Comber show is a new show about

3d and 2d music animations with


    Skyphos Animation  

   Talk music usa 2017

 Talk Music USA Episode 17 , Part 4 final series of 96 Tears Golden Anniversary, Band members
Frank Lugo, Robert Martinez, Eduardo Serrato Jr., also mentioningBorjas Larry . Also with Gary Johnson, Dr. Doowop from WCXI Am Radio & Beth from WCXI with some Trivia. talking about their memories of 96 Tears.
Great Insights from the band members and their feelings of when the song was hitting the charts.

 Talk Music USA