Episode 10,   8/4/16
Featuring David Asher ,Lead singer of THE PROCESS!!!
Conversations about their new album release and David going to Europe to record and mix with
Adrian Sherwood famous record producer from London England, also famous for producing Reggae music
also great conversations about Dick Wagner who played on The Process latest album titled " Who is That Mad Band" song Dick played guitar on " Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" you can listen to the song on this show,with
Dick fantastic leads.


   Episode II
Skid Marx


from the Seatbelts. great conversation and video from The Gmo Show in Detroit!!
The Semi-Colons? performing with The Seatbelts at PJ Lager House, Detroit, April 2, 2016- 


Episode VIII features a fantastic guitarist Pete Metropoulos who has toured in U.S. and a great interview about his New projects and recording. also a video of Pete Performing Philadelphia ,PA.
at BullShooters as Rocktropolis.

Episode V , Eric Harabadian, Music News Writer talking about new trends in music,
Featuring a musical group " Galactic Cowboy Orchestra" playing a song off
their new album titled "Earth Lift"Episode V , Eric Harabadian, Music News Writer talking about new trends in music,
Featuring a musical group " Galactic Cowboy Orchestra" playing a song off
their new album titled "Earth Lift"

 Most recent archived

​​​Episode I  
Three guest host , 
1.JazDude/voice of Keith V. GilChrist
  introducing Audley Reid/Saxophonist
2. Trish Lewis host of The Eclectic Chair

talking about her show, One of my favorite radio  shows online!

   introducing Jason Vivone and the Billy Bats
3. Benny and the Jets
   Great discussion about Detroit music artists present and past

  Episode IV Gary Johnson
Founder of 
Michigan Rock and RollLegends website. video of Gary talking about his wall of photos and old records and all the inductees.also mentions about ? and the  Mysterians proclamation for
96 Tears being the R&R song for Bay City, Michigan 

Episode 13 ,10/11/16

The world of photography & Music, with two of my favorite photographers
Tom Cox & Victoria E. Cox , photos of famous music artist they captured. Great discussions
about the art and the passion of music & photography

Talk Music USA 

  Episode 11  8/23/16 

Great Conversations about genres of music, talking about Timothy and all the different genres he plays
also about Trends in music!!

 Episode 12, 9/3/2016 release date
latest with Gary Fuston, Griselda Medina and Ray Mack, Great discussions with 3 famous DJs on ghpradio.com on the internet with their radio show, INDIE LIVE SPOT, promoting indie artist. 
also Gary Fuston latest album,"Forward", you can hear his latest recording of "Come Back To Me"  arranged by 
a well known musician/bassist Terry Tuck, fantastic song!! written by  Janet Jackson with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

​​ Archive

Information for ordering the book

"All Of Me" 

Check or Money order for $34 

free shipping ,USA

Fred Reif

2007 Medford  Rd.  G-50

Ann Arbor,MI. 48104

Email/ Fredinna@yahoo.com

   Episode VI DAVE DALTON,

 A song writer and Guitarist 
wrote a Great song about a Vietnam Veteran!!
Talk Music USA ,Episode VI is about a Vietnam 
Veteran , FRANK MAZZIE that did 3 tour duties , 
The show is also about Honoring all the Veterans
 and remembering their Sacrifice for our Country.
 God Bless to all of them
Thank you DAVE DALTON for a song you wrote honoring 
FRANK and all our war Heroes.

 Episode IX
featuring  a famous American

Native Flute performer,
John Sarantos

  Episode VII  Fred Reif

a musician and author of the book called " All of Me"
about musicians from Saginaw, Michigan that made it in the Big Band Era. Great discussions about
artist that made it famous back in the day
There was a editing error that mentioned Isham Jones wrote "It Had To Be You" which was
cut out right before Fred mentions about Frank Sinatra recording "All Of Me"

 Episode III

Bobi Serafimovski,

Music composer/musician

in the Smooth Jazz genre
all the way from Macedonia in Europe, a fantastic video for his song called "Drive" great conversations about his new song and new album
which I had the honor to perform on his song titled " I am Dreaming of My Dream"